What is Epitomi?

Epitomi (e-pit-o-me) is a gentle yet fast-acting relaxer system founded on a three-part technology that incorporates the science of Carbon Enrichment Technology, Quarternized Conditioners and Pure African Shea Butter moisturizers to ensure maximum strength and moisture retention in relaxed hair.

What is Shea Butter?

African Shea Butter is obtained from the nut of the Karite tree that grows in West and Central Africa. The nut of the fruit is crushed and the natural Shea Butter oil is extracted and refined for use. It has been used for centuries by African women in hair and skin treatments. Shea Butter consists of moisture rich Triglycerides, Karisterals, Cinnamic Esters, essential Vitamins and Allantoin. Shea Butter has been scientifically and anecdotally determined to significantly moisturize hair and skin, leaving it moist, healthy and vibrant.

  • Fatty Triglycerides bond Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms (moisture) to cortex proteins

• Vitamins enhance bonding

• Sterolins soften hair, improving manageability, imparting volume

• Cinnamic Esters provide protection against UV rays

• Allantoin aids gradual healing of scalp abrasions
  • Improves hair strength and pliability

• Enhances effectiveness of fatty Triglycerides bonding action

• Increases moisture retention

• Excellent transportation and bonding capabilities
  • Positively charged (Quarternized Amino Acid) proteins for remedial treatment of damaged hair sites

• Increases strength of hair

• Enhanced cross-bond linkages improve “body” and vitality

Why use Epitomi African Shea Butter Relaxer System?

Epitomi relaxers are formulated with 100% pure African Shea butter in a proprietary formula to ensure maximum moisture retention to counteract the dry, brittle moisture deficient state that is a common by-product of relaxer treatments. Epitomi products are very gentle on the hair and leave it silky smooth, soft to the touch and much stronger than is usual after a chemical process. The “key” is the high quality and content of the Shea Butter and other conditioners used in each product.

Scientists, scholars and herbalist have conducted numerous scientific studies on Shea Butter. In April, 1999, The Global Cosmetic Industry Journal published an article on Shea Butter -"The Revival of an African Wonder" and in May 1999, Sophisticates Black Hair magazine published an article on Shea Butter-"Beauty Out of Africa". Epitomi, Inc. is the first company to research, formulate and incorporate Shea Butter into its relaxer technology, thus pioneering a new approach to maximizing the moisture retention capabilities of relaxed hair.

Call your Stylist for the Epitomi Relaxer today ! You will feel the Difference.



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