What is Remedi?

REMEDI products are premium quality, hair, scalp and treatment formulations that reconstruct, repair, rejuvenate, strengthen and energize your hair. These products are specifically formulated to correct several common hair and scalp conditions and are also excellent to maintain the overall health of your hair.

REMEDI products are made with the finest quality ingredients, purest natural botanical extracts, African Shea Butter, positively charged proteins, vitamins and minerals in a natural moisturizing base.

Why use Remedi ?

The most serious incidence of damage occurs from improper hair care in connection with chemical treatments. Present day hair styles which require progressive use of chemicals to modify hair texture, use of coloring additives, and thermal styling implements, affects the cortex and internal lattice structure of the hair making it weak, limp, dry and less vibrant over time.

While broken protein bonds caused by chemical treatments cannot be restored, regular “conditioning” of the hair can minimize the debilitating effects of such chemical treatments. This will enhance the tensile strength of the hair so it can remain elastic and strong enough to cope with the stresses related to daily grooming activities.

In those instances where neglect, abuse by over processing, or being in a harsh environment, have created a weak or damaged condition, regular precise treatment is required to address the problem condition.

REMEDI treatment products are prescribed in combinations to correct specific hair problems. These products should be used regularly and as directed in order to achieve the desired results.


We will offer you a full refund, minus shipping and handling if not completely satisfied, just return the unused portion to us.

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