The Epitomi “Salon exclusive” original African Shea Butter Relaxer System was specially designed for the quality conscious cosmetologist.

The relaxer line comprises of a variety of chemicals, finishing and styling prod-ucts to cater to all ethnic hair types and perform excellently under different climate conditions. Epitomi professional products are formulated with an abund-ance of proprietary premium moisturizers, conditioners, fatty lipids, cuticle smooth-ing and polishing ingredi-ents to ensure beautiful, healthy lustrous hair with awesome body. Our relaxers are “guaranteed” to leave your client’s hair silky smooth, soft to the touch, yet much stronger than is usual after a chemical process.

So…go ahead, let our system help you keep your clients' hair healthy while you unleash your styling creativity.

Epitomi . Innovation . Quality . Performance

Epitomi Sensitive Scalp Relaxer
A creamy calcium hydroxide relaxer. Formulated with guanidine carbonate, African Shea Butter, quaternium conditioners and botanical oils. Need to mix before application. Gentle acting, does not irritate scalp. Available is 4 pack and 20 pack sizes.

Epitomi African Shea Butter Relaxer
A gentle yet fast acting Sodium hydroxide relaxer in a concentrated moisturizing base of African Shea Butter. Specifically designed for those clients with drier, brittle hair where added moisturizing is beneficial. Excellent long lasting results leaves hair silky and moisturized. Available in 15oz, 4lb and 8lb tubs.

Epitomi Tender Scalp Relaxer
A “No Mix”, sensitive scalp Lithium Hydroxide relaxer formulated with African Shea Butter. Highly recommended for clients with delicate scalps, customers going from braids or curls to relaxer, or children’s hair. This relaxer is a time sensitive, slow release formula and needs to be left on the hair for 5 minutes before backcombing. Available in 15oz and 4lb tubs.

Epitomi Sensitive Scalp Base Creme
A light protective formulation base creme designed to be used to base the scalp and hairline prior to chemical treatments. Menthol and Camphor provides a soothing sensation yet does not retard the action of the relaxer. Available in 14oz and 4lb tubs.

Epitomi Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo
A gentle acid pH based shampoo to neutralize hair after relaxers.This is a rich concentrated shampoo with conditioning and moisturizing agents that will also detangle the hair. Available in 16oz, 32oz , and Gallons.

Epitomi Conditioning Detangling Shampoo
A high foaming and detangling shampoo with conditioners and moisturizers. Leaves hair clean, detangled and with great shine, body and a wonderful smell. Available in 8oz, 16oz,Gallons.

Epitomi Moisturizing Protein Conditioner
A concentrated blend of organic emollients, micro-proteins, botanical extracts and detangling conditioners that leaves hair feeling soft, silky and well moisturized. Excellent after all chemical applications. Available in 8oz, 16oz and 32oz.

Epitomi Sheen Builder
A unique formulation of silicones in a light but firm base of styling oil and glycerin. Great floral smell and excellent for styling, pressing and curling. Designed to help build an excellent long lasting sheen to your style. Available in a 6oz jar.

Epitomi “Glossify” Hair Polish
A light viscosity liquid formulation of broad-spectrum silicones. Excellent shine and highlights, yet so light it will not weigh the hair down Available in 4oz and 8oz bottles.

Epitomi Foaming Wrap Lotion
A formulation of conditioning molding and setting agents designed to give body, enhance directional manageability, and long lasting shine. Tremendous versatility makes this product a must for fingerwaves and wraps. Available in 16oz, 32oz and Gallons.

Epitomi Styling Spritz (Soft Hold)
A soft hold non-aerosol hair spray. This is a clear formulation of bodifying proteins, panthenol, and thermal protectors. Gives a soft moldable hold that is easy to comb and style.

Epitomi Designing Finishing Spritz (Firm Hold)
A firm hold non-aerosol hair spray. This is a clear formulation of bodifying proteins, panthenol and thermal protectors. Contains extra strength resins for firm hold. Guaranteed to hold your style in place for days.

Epitomi “Back-Bar” Wash & Set Shampoo
A rich high foaming cleansing shampoo that is proven excellent and economical for everyday salon use in “wash & set” regimes. Will not loosen weaves/weft bonds. Available in 16oz , 32oz and Gallons.

Epitomi “Back-Bar” Protein Styling Gel
An alcohol free general-purpose regular hold styling gel. Designed for everyday salon use in setting, fingerwaves, light sculpting and hair molding. Does not flake. Available in 16 oz and 5lb. Clear and Dark Gels available.

Hair Designed by: Andre Edwards. Los Angeles - California.
Epitomi Director of Education. International Hair Stylist.




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